BRIDAL LINGERIE: finding the best lingerie for your special day

The best lingerie to wear on your special day is lingerie that is comfortable for a long days’ wear, makes you feel beautiful and provides a smooth silhouette.

When to buy

  • Start shopping for lingerie after your first dress fitting when you’ll know how the dress fits and your lingerie requirements.
  • Ideally buy your lingerie before your final dress fitting to ensure that it offers the support and fit that you want.
  • If your dress is very fitted, check that there is room for a bra underneath, especially if your bra is lightly padded.
  • If your dress needs taking in, wear your underwear during the fitting to ensure that any amendments allow room for your bra.
  • Bear in mind that last minute weight changes can significantly affect how lingerie fits. We therefore suggest buying lingerie from a company with a flexible returns policy so that if you require a different size nearer the big day, you can exchange it.

Which bra to buy?

Before shopping for a bra, check if your dress needs one. Some structured gowns can offer sufficient support and contouring, negating the need for a bra.

Which style?

If wearing very thin fabric then a lightly padded, seamless bra will help achieve a smooth silhouette and hide any surprise nipple erections!

Basques can be an effective way to achieve sturdy support, especially if requiring a strapless bra. These can however be visible under thin fabric. If you are not used to wearing a basque try some out beforehand to check that you are comfortable for a full days’ wear.

For a backless or one strap dress, multiway bras can offer flexible strap options from halter neck, strapless to one shoulder.

Due to the weight and volume of fuller busts we generally recommended wearing a 2 strap bra. If this is not suitable for your dress however, you may find sufficient support from either a corseted dress or sturdy basque. If you want to try a multiway bra however, we recommend testing the comfort of the bra for a day in advance of the wedding, to check how comfortable and supportive it is.

What size?

Wearing the correct size will ensure optimal comfort, support and a beautiful silhouette for your big day. A common sizing mistake that many make is wearing a cup that is too small and a band that is too big. Wearing the wrong size can cause bulging, discomfort and an unflattering silhouette.  By finding the perfect fit you can be confident in your support and shape all day long. We have provided an easy to use bra fitting guide to empower women to learn how to find the perfect fit.


  • Your colour choice largely depends on the colour and thickness of your dress.
  • Ivory and white are classic bridal colours, however, these can show through very thin fabrics, in which instance, finding lingerie that matches your skin tone may be much more discrete.
  • If the dress fabric is thick then your colour and design choices will be much less limited.


Volumous or thick dresses:
If your dress has volume and/or consists of thick fabric, your choice of briefs can be unlimited so wear what makes you happy, whether that be high waist briefs, patterned briefs or a dainty thong.

Fitted or thin dresses:
If the dress is fitted and composed of thin fabric, then choosing seamless and smooth briefs will help to minimise any visible lines.

Which style?

  • It may be wise to try a variety of briefs under your dress to check which are most discreet. You may find that high waist briefs are more discreet than, for example a lace thong, due to how the briefs sit on your skin.
  • If concerned about bumps and curves being visible through thin fabric, shapewear tends to structure and streamline to create a smoother silhouette which can provide added confidence.
  • If concerned about briefs digging into your middle, consider a bodysuit for a smooth middle. Be aware however, that this may make nipping to the toilet throughout the day a bit of a palaver!

The wedding night
Two sets of lingerie can provide the best of both worlds. Your day lingerie can be chosen with comfort and discretion in mind whilst your evening set can be chosen to make you feel elegant and sexy, permitting a little more adventure in your choices.


Your honeymoon can be an opportunity to be much more adventurous; a time to wear lingerie that you usually only dream of but never buy. Silk and lace in particular can feel very delicate against your skin and make you feel incredibly elegant and sexy. A delicate silk nightgown can really finish a sexy look.

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