Sophia Bra and Knickers: Review by Pleasure With Curves

Sophia Bra and Knickers by Katherine Hamilton

I have been truly spoilt by Katherine Hamilton. From the moment I first put on the exquisite ivory Sophia Bra, I knew I could never return to my previous, oh so ordinary, underwear.  The ivory Sophia Set I received from Katherine Hamilton is breathtakingly special. I will be straightforward from the outset…I can fathom no flaw or disappointment with the Sophia, to me it is, dare I say, perfection!

There are two outstanding design elements, which in my opinion, make garments by Katherine Hamiltion incredibly progressive and superior in comparison to any other full bust lingerie brand I have come across. The first is the availability of smaller band sizes, and the second, is the fruition of bespoke underwires.

Lately I have been finding that bras in a 28 band still are not firm enough to provide me the level of support I require and feel comfortable with. As a woman, my body is of course susceptible to weight and size fluctuations, however, I have noticed across many mainstream, common full bust lingerie brands, that their 28s are just not doing the job! I have my suspicions that there may be a bit of vanity sizing at play, as I doubt any weight differentiation within myself has had such the impact that I can no longer find a 28 band bra that will suffice, I mean, I know I’m petite, but by no means am I the most petite woman out there. When the amazing opportunity arose to try and review a bra from KH Intimates, I thought I would initially stick with my go-to 28FF and see if I could receive the proper support I needed. Well, it was perfect. The 28 was a real 28 and fit sublimely. It was firm and secure, and gave me what no other 28 has been able to give me in ages. It is so satisfying to experience true-fitting lingerie, I am so impressed! Additionally impressive, is that KH Intimates don’t stop there, their sizing begins at a 26 band, bravo! Larger busts are not just synonymous with larger women, and more brands need to realise this. Women with narrower shapes and petite frames are also capable of having fuller busts that need to be supported. I enthusiastically applaud KH Intimates for the size range they cater to (which is by no means limited: 26-36, D-HH).

I mentioned above the development of bespoke underwires that KH Intimates have fully researched, advanced, and successfully incorporated into their bras. A fantastic explanation is provided on the KH Intimates website detailing the rationale and process of development of their custom underwires. But basically, KH Intimates recognised a recurring and prevalent problem associated with larger cup sizes- that of underarm discomfort caused by the underwire. Instead of perpetuating this issue, KH Intimates commendably made it their goal to fix it. By not increasing with width of the underwire along with the increase in cup size, KH Intimates have constructed bras that provide superior comfort, support and projection.

In regard to the fit of the Sophia bra, at the risk of sounding repetitive, again it was perfect. The underwire sat beautifully under my arm, and the centre wires were completely flush. My breast tissue was entirely encompassed within the cup and felt totally supported. The edges of the cup sat snug against my breasts, there was no puckering or gaping, nor any indention what so ever. It was honestly like the bra had been made to measure, it fit like a glove. I have never been so impressed and happy with the fit of a bra, ever!

Now to turn to aesthetics. The Sophia set is possibly, in my opinion of course, the most stunning lingerie set I have yet to come across. The fine materials of silk and lace are beyond beautiful, and embody a level of sophistication and elegance extremely hard to replicate. The set is utterly timeless, romantic and overwhelmingly chic. It feels incredible to wear, luxury exudes; like I said at the beginning of this review, I have been completely spoilt. I now know what the best feels and looks like; I can no longer wear anything beneath this level of indulgent quality.

The Sophia bra retails at £98, the knickers £52. Yes this is a lot of money. But Katherine Hamilton lingerie worth every penny. I don’t know about you, but I will be more than happy to spend this amount on utter perfection.

I would like to sincerely thank Katy Payne (creator of Katherine Hamilton) for letting me review the Sophia Set.

Style: Sophia
My size: 28FF
Size range available: 26-36 D-HH

Style: Sophia knickers
Styles available: Knicker, thong, high waist brief, and suspender belt
My size: 8
Size range available: 6-16

This post was originally featured at Pleasure With Curves and has been reproduced with the author’s permission.

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