Find their size

Find out the recipients bra size by checking the labels inside their bras.

You might discover that not all of their bras are the same size. If this is the case, check the size of the bra that they wear the most as this will most likely be their best fitting bra.


Take a look in their underwear drawer to find out what style of underwear they like. If they mostly wear plain and conservative styles of lingerie then try to avoid anything that could be deemed risqué or daring e.g. very revealing, bondage style etc. and vice versa.

Pay attention to any comments that they make about their underwear e.g. ‘I wish I had a red bra’ or ‘I don’t like this style’ etc. Some people often wear different underwear to what they would actually like to wear, because for example, they can’t find or afford what they like. So take note of any underwear complaints and hopefully you can then give them some lingerie that they’ve been pining for!

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Consider what they want

When looking for a lingerie gift, we suggest that you focus on what they would want, and not what you want to see them wearing.

Consider what influences their choices of lingerie e.g. do they choose lingerie to highlight their assets or do they prefer more modest styles? Do they like to cover their body up with shorts or knickers, or do they prefer to flaunt their bum in thongs for example? Try to focus on what they would feel most comfortable in and enjoy.

What garment to buy

Whilst a pretty pair of knickers or shorts can make a lovely gift on their own, we suggest that a matching set of lingerie would really create the wow factor! Women often struggle to find or afford matching underwear, and so a matching set of lingerie would really make them feel spoilt!

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