Custom underwires for fuller busts

Unique to Katherine Hamilton Intimates are our bespoke underwires, developed specifically for our size range to ensure a snug fit around the breast root for optimal underarm comfort and forward projection.

Founder of KH Intimates, Katy Payne, explains that “whilst researching our new full bust collection, we learned that a common issue reported by full bust bra wearers are underwires that are too wide, causing discomfort and irritation under the arm. So we tested the fit of some ‘off the shelf’ wires to explore the issue.

We found that as the wires increased in size, they also increased in width which assumes that breast roots get wider as they increase in size. When we tested the fit of these wires on our unique size range of 26-36, D-HH however, we found that this was indeed not the case. Instead we found that breast volume increases more in the breast root height and breast fullness, than in the width.”

To mirror how breast size increases in our unique size range, we have developed our own bespoke underwires:

“Increased capacity in our larger sizes is achieved primarily through increased cup capacity and taller underwires, with only a little increase in width. The end result are bras that sit snuggly around the breast root offering forward projection and optimal wire and underarm comfort. We are tremendously proud of the bespoke fit that we have created for the fuller bust market that ensures comfort and confidence.”

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