Luxury for Nursing Mums

The Katherine Hamilton Intimates 2017 collection will include the brands’ first luxury maternity lingerie. Following the birth of her twin boys earlier this year, Katy Payne (the founder and director behind the brand) discovered that it was impossible to find a luxury nursing bra in her smaller band and fuller cup bra size:

“Nursing bras are overlooked by the luxury lingerie industry, as though nursing is somehow incompatible with a high-end image, but as a nursing mum myself, my want and need for the support, comfort and confidence boost that luxury lingerie offers has never been more important to me.”

With women tending to wait longer to have their first child in order to establish their careers and financial stability, nursing mums are becoming increasingly better positioned to invest in quality luxury items. “We hope that by including nursing lingerie within our collection we are not only meeting the increasing demand for luxury by nursing mums but that we are also sending the message that nursing mums can and should be included in the luxury lingerie market”.

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