How being a fitting model changed my view of lingerie

When developing well-fitting full bust lingerie, it is crucial to ensure that it supports a brands full size range and accounts for variations in breast shape and composition. Lingerie brands achieve this through fitting their designs on models within their size range, checking that their designs fit and offer the desired shape and making small amendments to the designs where necessary until a perfect fit is achieved.

When Katherine Hamilton advertised for fitting models in their local area, Laura Dennis from Cornwall seized the opportunity to not only learn more about full bust bra development but to obtain the much sought, yet seemingly elusive, perfect fit.


Laura Dennis, lingerie fitting model for KH Intimates

We interviewed Laura to learn more about her experience as a fitting model:

What was your motivation for becoming a lingerie fitting model and what was your experience of bra shopping beforehand? 

I was really interested in becoming involved with a local business and helping people like me who really struggle to find a pretty bra that fits well.

I hated bra shopping as all the pretty ones in the stores are in small sizes and the larger ones are nowhere near as pretty. Although I found bras in my size they never really fitted well; the materials were quite harsh and rubbed and the underwires gave me a permanent rash under my arm. I found that every bra style had a different fit and despite being measured several times, advisers didn’t seem able to find me a good, comfortable bra so I just tended to make do with what I could find in the stores.

Has your approach to bra shopping changed since your experience as a fitting model?

I used to manage the lingerie department in Marks and Spencer and so was confident in finding the correct fit myself but I always had to try several different styles to find an ok fit. Katy’s expertise have shown me that there’s a lot more to fitting a bra than I knew such as where the underwire sits and where the shoulder straps should fit and I can now see that the bras I used to wear have some gapes in the cups at the top and some seem to fit at first but then I end up with over spill after wearing them for a bit. Katherine Hamilton bras on the other hand fit very snugly to increase lift and give a better shape and because of the better materials used they do not feel tight or rub.

Having now learned a lot about the manufacturing process and materials used I would definitely spend a bit more to get a better bra rather than settle for less. I have never really spent more than £40 on a bra just because it never occurred to me that there was anything better out there or that it was worth spending the money. I also didn’t realise the health importance of wearing a correctly fitting and comfortable bra. Having met Katy and tried her collection it is clear how important it is to have something comfortable and well fitted. Spending the extra money means I get a much better quality bra – the finish and materials are incredibly high and I feel more confident just knowing I have nice underwear on even if others can’t see it!

Has your experience with Katherine Hamilton changed how you now perceive lingerie?

Yes, I think everyone is trying to save money and not thinking about the real benefits of good underwear both for confidence and fit. I would now rather have a few great fitting pretty bras than lots of ok fitting bras that just end up sitting in my draws! If I add it up I probably spend more on buying lots of ok bras rather than a few more expensive, great fitting ones!

Thank you to Laura for sharing her experience and for offering her time to help us establish the perfect fit.

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