Bra fit tips for narrow or sloping shoulders

In addition to breasts varying in size, shape and composition, shoulders also vary from being broad, narrow to sloping etc

If you have narrow and/or sloping shoulders you may find that straps tend fall off for which we offer the following suggestions:

  • Search for a brand or style that offers straps that are close together at the back.
  • Try using a bra strap clip (sometimes referred to as a racer back bra clip) to pull and hold the straps closer together at the back.
  • Avoid using back extenders as these increase the width between the straps.
  • Try a multiway bra where the straps can be crossed over at the back.
  • Search for a brand or style that has straps close together at the front, often found in full cup, nursing and sports bras.
  • Avoid bras that use scalloped edged elastic for the front of the straps as the scallops can act like a serrated edge causing chaffing of the skin. Instead choose bras that have smooth edged straps for increased comfort.
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