Bespoke Bras: Lingerie That Helps Capture Memories

A few months ago, a customer told me a story about cleaning out her grandmother’s house. As her family worked through three generation’s worth of memories, they eventually stumbled upon a closet in a bedroom that contained a surprising collection: 50 complete sets of lingerie, all neatly lined up on individual hangers. Our customer realised quickly that these were the lingerie sets that her grandfather had bought her grandmother every year for Christmas, even while he was stationed away during WWII. 50 years of marriage hung in that closet, each with a personal story attached. Each slip represented children born, challenges faced and life changes that the couple had conquered together. And the lingerie sets were the touchstones for all of it.

We don’t see lingerie the same way anymore these days. On our blog we’ve talked about how lingerie can feel disposable these days (which is why we don’t do things that way). But today we’re going to talk about how to take your quality lingerie purchase to the next level – as well as a few reasons why you should try it.

We offer a bespoke lingerie service, with some important restrictions. Many brands offer bespoke pieces and will custom design pretty much anything under the sun for you. We don’t. This isn’t because we’re not creative or don’t want to do more work: it’s because we’ve spent years testing our bra designs for curvy women and know that they work. We want your lingerie to be beautiful and inspired, but we also want it to support you and be comfortable. What we do offer is a way to turn your lingerie into a way to make and store important memories, just like the lingerie collection that our client’s grandmother had.

People tend to look at bespoke for big occasions in life, which makes sense. You’re more likely to splurge on a lingerie set if you’re getting married or for a milestone birthday, both because you’re more willing to treat yourself and because that lingerie set will always have that memory embedded in it. We offer a way to indulge that urge and to personalise it, all whilst knowing that your lingerie will fit and support you as long as you take good care of it.

Our bespoke lingerie service uses our current bra patterns and invites you to build on them. While we can’t change the basic shape, we can change everything else to make you the bra of your dreams. We can procure silk in a rainbow of colors and prints, sumptuous trims and amazing lace. We can create something traditional or exceptionally modern. We can create something with a more vintage look and feel. The whole point of bespoke is to create a bra that does more than fit the client – we want to create bras that embody the client and their personality. When you put on a bespoke bra from us, we want you to feel like it’s an extension of yourself.

So go ahead: add a bespoke lingerie piece to your life and start a romantic collection for your children and grandchildren to marvel over.

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