Beautifully fitted lingerie: the ideal treat for yummy mummies

Ask any new mother and she’ll tell you that it can be almost impossible to find bras that fit well as you go through the stages of pregnancy and becoming a new mum.

Because every woman’s body reacts differently to the hormonal changes, many women find that after they have a baby their breasts are either larger or smaller after they give birth, and that is without navigating changes in back size due to weight changes.

“It can be very difficult for women to find bras that fit them as their body changes in each phase,” says mum to be Katy Payne, founder of Katherine Hamilton Intimates. “It has been estimated that more than 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong bra size and that is before you factor in pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is largely due to widespread misinformation about bra fit whereby the role of the bra band is neglected and ‘DD’ cup bras are mislabeled as ‘large’ or ‘specialty’ sizes. Add to the mix the fact that their body shape is changing rapidly and unpredictably throughout the course of pregnancy and early motherhood it is little wonder that many women find this a struggle.”

The solution, which is ideal for new mums with little babies in tow, are the carefully researched fitting guide and bra size estimator made available online for anyone use. “I created our fitting guide and lingerie range as a woman with a fuller bust who wanted beautiful lingerie which gives women a lovely shape,” says Katherine. “But the truth is, bra sizes are confusing whatever your shape and size. For example, cup size doesn’t signify the volume of the breast, rather the difference between the breast size in relation to the rib cage. For example, ‘DD’ cups on a 36 band are 4 sizes larger in volume than ‘DD’ cups on a 28 band; cup size is meaningless without the band size. It is our goal to help all women find a really well fitting bra that is beautiful and which also offers comfortable support. I definitely believe that having the right bra really helps to give new mums, and not so new mums a much needed confidence boost.”

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