5 Reasons You Should Invest In Quality Lingerie

Here at Katherine Hamilton Intimates, we firmly believe that a bra shouldn’t be disposable. This puts us at odds with the rest of the fashion industry, which designs both clothing and lingerie to last only as long as a single fashion season. Once your bra falls apart you’re ready to go out and consume the next trend.

We’ve specifically designed our bras to live with you and last longer than many others on the market, which does mean that our lingerie costs a little more. Today we’re going to talk about why we believe bucking the disposable lingerie trend is important to both our customers and to society at large.

1) Cheap lingerie and fashion often entails worker exploitation and abuse

The fashion industry as a whole isn’t known for being kind to garment workers. The early history of the United States present us with many examples of how workers were abused often, such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory incident. While we learn about these incidents as history, they’re still happening within the industry. The Rana Plaza incident in 2013 taught us that mainstream fashion pieces are still manufactured in dangerous and uncomfortable environments that are akin to modern slavery and indentured servitude. These issues disproportionately effect women, who make up a large percentage of workers in the garment industry.

Buying quality goods that are built to last improves the garment industry as a whole, but also generally means that your money will be going towards workers who receive better pay and treatment.

2) Higher priced bras often feature innovative technology

When we searched for the perfect underwire, we couldn’t find it. Most underwires become far too wide as they go up in size, whilst we found that the majority of full-busted women need more narrow wires and deeper cups. To create a bra we felt was worthy of our customers, we had to design our perfect underwire. All of this required far more investment than we originally planned, but we felt it was necessary to create a bra that would fit the way we envisioned. Buying cheaper lingerie means that you often miss out on new developments that will improve fit or feel in a serious way.

3) Quality lingerie is more comfortable

Luxury fabrics have always been more expensive, but fabric costs have skyrocketed across the board over the past few years. Even decent quality cotton costs a reasonable amount right now. We believe that lingerie should feel more than luxurious – it should be comfortable. As a result, we put extra care and investment into finding fabrics that provide both support and softness. Lower priced lingerie often looks okay, but the fabrics can be scratchy and irritating. Why would you put something next to your skin that irritates and is uncomfortable?

4) High quality lingerie is often created by independent brands, run by women and for women

At Katherine Hamilton Intimates, we believe in the power of women. Our bras are designed by women for women. As a result, we’ve put tons of extra time into fit testing our products on women of all body types and ages. We want all women to feel comfortable in our products, which means that each bra we create goes through extra research and development.  

5) Quality lingerie is built to last

We are advocates for quality over quantity. Realistically, one can only wear so many bras. If we all bought a little less and turned that money into higher quality purchases, the fashion industry and our wardrobes would look dramatically different.

What do you look for in your high quality lingerie? What are your favourite luxury fabrics?

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