Lingerie Care

Katherine Hamilton lingerie is made from high quality fabrics to ensure that they feel sumptuous and soft against your skin. Please treat your investment with care to ensure that you get the very best out of your purchase.

Rough handling and high temperatures can damage fabrics, breakdown elastics, affect fabric colour and distort garments. We therefore advise that you follow the care instructions on the care label found inside each garment.

Here are some of our care tips:

Machine washing
Turn your lingerie inside out and place in a lingerie wash bag to protect the garment. Please wash items on a gentle wash e.g. for wool or delicate items.

Hand washing
Please ensure that the water temperate does not exceed the wash temperature recommended on the care label instruction and please avoid rough handling, being careful not to damage fibers.

Lie your garments out flat to dry to avoid any distortion of fabrics from, for example, pegs on a line. Please dry garments away from direct light and heat.

Please store your garments in a dry place, away from direct light and heat.

During normal wash and wear short fibers break away from textiles and get caught in larger fibers, resulting in small balls called ‘pills’ or ‘bobbles’. To reduce pilling please turn your garments inside out before washing. Pills can be removed by using a single edge blade at a slight angle to gently remove the pills from the garment. Please be very careful not to accidentally cut the fabric.