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Our breast size and shape changes regularly as we age, so if you’ve faithfully stuck to your trusty 36D for years, then the chances are it may no longer be the best fit. An ill-fitting bra can damage your back and neck and actually cause your breasts to drop further – never mind being plain uncomfortable – so take the test to find out if you are one of the 80% who are wearing the wrong bra size (and if you don’t think you need to, answer these 4 simple questions…if you answer yes to any of them – you are in the wrong size!)

Here are 4 easy questions to help you spot if you are in the wrong bra:

  • When you stand side on and look in the mirror, is the back of your bra higher than the front (rather than in a straight line around your body) ?
  • Do your breasts spill over the top of your bra cup leaving lumps under a fitted top?
  • Does the underwire at the side of your bra feel soft and squidgy when you touch it?
  • Are your clothes size and bra band size mismatched? Find your clothes size in our chart below then look at the corresponding bra band size. If you are wearing a bigger bra band size than shown, then it is probably wrong !

UK Dress Size (on top)Corresponding Bra Band Size Range
6 - 826 - 28
8 -1028 - 30
1230 -32 -34
1432 -34 -36
1634 -36 -38
1836 - 38

If you answered yes to any of these questions – take the test!

Ready to take the Fit Test?

Step 1 – Put your bra on the right way

Fasten the band on the loosest fasteningEnsure the band is level all the way around

Step 2 – Check the Band Size

The band should be tight enough to comfortably allow just two fingers underneath the bandThe band should be tight enough to stay parallel all the way around your ribcage
The band is too loose if the bra rides up at the backThe band is too tight if it is painful or feels restrictive when taking a deep breath.The straps are too loose if they fall off your shoulders or your breasts are sagging down at the front

Step 3 Work out the new back size you need using our Handy Size Chart and you’ll find your cup size will change too

If you think your bra band might be too loose go down a band size and up a cup size (as demonstrated with the grey cells in the table below). For example, if you wear a 36C and the band is too loose, go down to a 34D. And if it’s very loose go down further to a 32DD or 30E.

REMEMBER: if you go down one or two sizes in the band, you need to go up the same number of sizes in the cup to get the same amount of room in the cup.


Step 4 Check if you need any more changes to your cup size

The center gore should sit flat against your sternum between your breasts and all of your breast tissue should be contained within the cups, with no bulging. The underwire should feel hard when you press it.
The cups are too small if our breasts bulge over, under or at the sides.
The cups are too small if the centre gore is lifting off your rib cage and the underwire feels squidgy when you press it.The cups are too big if they are wrinkling or gaping.

Step 5 If your cup fits well, then stick with the size you found on our Size Chart. If not, simply change the cup one more size as needed.

Now you have your correct bra size – time to go shopping!

If you want a quicker answer – then let us do the work for you – simply put your measurements into our Bra Size Calculator and we’ll tell you your size!

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