Bespoke Lingerie

Our bespoke lingerie service provides the opportunity to personally create a unique set of lingerie for yourself or as a gift.

Select from our existing designs that have been exhaustively developed for beautiful shape and comfort, and hand select colours of silks, lace and trims to suite your personal specifications.

Explore your creativity further with bespoke silk prints and unique accessories from velvet trims to bows and charms.

Bespoke garments are made in the UK and start from £265 for briefs, £430 for bras or £680 for coordinating sets.

To discuss our bespoke service options please contact us by completing and submitting the form below.
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Bespoke Lingerie


Read what our clients have to say about their bespoke lingerie:

“It felt SO good to rip off my old ill-fitting bra and put this one on. Everything fits perfectly, including the briefs! and I love how everything looks sleek, clean, and beautiful.
I feel like a new woman, actually! I’ve gone through a couple of decades looking for undergarments that would just fit comfortably, and being told I need reduction surgery, that I need to exercise more, eat much less, etc, for one reason or another. So needless to say, my self confidence was in shambles. I’ll be telling my doctor “what I needed was a bespoke lingerie set!”. LOL. I’ll definitely be inquiring about another set.
Thank you so much!! “

Elisabeth, Ohio

“It’s light, it’s decadent, it’s gorgeous; it’s also one of the best fitting bras I own. It honestly surprised me the first time I put it on. I’m thrilled with the totally decadent sashes– not only do I have a gorgeous boudoir bra that doubles as a comfortable everyday bra, but sashes and ties can lend themselves to, ahem, other activities, beyond just looking pretty. This set is incredibly precious.”

Sweets, of Sweet Nothings NYC

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Large Cup Lingerie - Abbie Black in Vintage Lace


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