Abrielle Blue Embroidered Bra

Petite design with fine floral embroidery

Abrielle redefines luxury for the fuller bust; decorating the body with exquisite delicate French embroidery creating a ‘tattoo effect’ and the illusion of a petite two-piece cup with the use of lightweight yet strong ‘invisible’ tulle.




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Abrielle features our new shorter underwires for a more balonette style whilst ensuring our trademark forward projection and rounded shape. A two piece cup of French floral embroidered tulle is placed with precision for a seamless aesthetic and creates the illusion of a low neck edge. Underneath lies a structural fuller coverage three piece cup composed of ‘invisible’ tulle for soft yet strong support and shape.

Style Guide
All Katherine Hamilton bras use our custom underwires, designed specifically for fuller busts to ensure a snug fit around the breast root for optimal underarm comfort and forward projection, and sufficient depth for support and confidence.

Abrielle features a slightly shorter underwire to our Abbie and Sophia for a slightly lower centre gore and underarm.

Size Guide
Customer feedback suggests trying a cup size larger in Abrielle. For example, if you usually wear a 28GG in Katherine Hamilton we suggest trying a 28H.

BUYING FROM USA: If familiar with US bra brands, we recommend purchasing a size that is one cup size larger than your usual bra size.

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